Recent Changes to Colorado Criminal Law: Implications for Defendants

In the past couple of years, there have been some changes to the criminal laws of Colorado. Staying on top of these changes and knowing how they can affect your rights is important for all Coloradans. And when you are charged or investigated for a crime, you need representation from experienced counsel that stays abreast of legislation and changes in the law.

Following are some of the more recent changes to Colorado criminal laws. If you need clarification regarding these changes or have any questions about how they may or not affect you, contact The Law Offices of Steven T. Rodemer, LLC.

Pre-Trial Detention Reform

SB21-1280 requires that a court holds a hearing to set a bond within 48 hours after an arrestee arrives at a jail or holding center and allows these hearings to be held online or over the telephone. It also requires a defendant that has posted bond to be released no more than 6 hours later.

Limit the Detention of Juveniles

SB21-071 changes the statewide detention bed cap for juveniles from 327 to 215. It also prohibits a court from imposing secured monetary or property conditions on bonds for juveniles who have been accused of or charged with committing a delinquent act.

Misdemeanor Reform

SB21-271 reduces the number of misdemeanor classifications from three to two and the number of classifications for petty offenses from two to one. It also creates a new civil infraction classification.

Record Sealing Collateral Consequences Reduction

HB21-1214 automatically seals arrest records when no criminal charges are filed within a certain amount of time. It also opens up the process for filing motions for relief from collateral consequences and creates a defense fund to assist with representation for defendants seeking to have their records sealed.

DOR Action Against Certain Documents

HB21-1314 acts to limit the ability of the DOR to revoke driver’s licenses and learner’s permits for some offenses, including failure to appear in court or failure to pay. However, for other offenses that include driving dangerously, such as driving under the influence, the ability to revoke a driver’s license or learner’s permit remains.

Costs Assessed To Juveniles In The Criminal Justice System

HB21-1315 helps juvenile offenders and their families by banning a myriad of fines and fees. It also removes a large backlog of these fines and fees that already exist. Some of the ones removed include the cost of care and fees for applying for court-appointed legal counsel.

Colorado Criminal Counsel You Can Depend On

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