Colorado Springs Drug Crimes Attorney

Although Colorado has a more tolerant attitude toward marijuana than some other states, legalizing medical marijuana and small amounts, up to an ounce, for recreational marijuana use, but make no mistake about it, serious drug crimes in this state come with serious penalties. If you are being investigated or have been arrested for a drug-related offense, you need a highly experienced drug crimes attorney now if you are to avoid going to prison and paying crippling fines.

Colorado’s New Drug Laws

Colorado now has a separate criminal classification specifically for drug-related crime. Colorado law specifies two categories of drug crimes, Drug Misdemeanors (DM) and Drug Felonies (DF). Drug misdemeanors are broken down into two classifications: DM I and DM 2. The law specifies four classifications of drug. Each class of misdemeanor and felony drug charges has specified minimum and maximum penalties. Drug misdemeanor charges can potentially be penalized by 18 months in prison, a $5000 fine, or both; drug felonies can land you in prison for up to 32 years with fines of up to a million dollars. The range of penalties for the charge you are facing will depend on the type of drug involved, the amount, and whether there were aggravating circumstances. For example, if you’re accused of providing drugs to minors or using a gun during the commission of a drug crime, you could be facing enhanced penalties.

A drug crime conviction will change your life in myriad ways, often leading to the loss of your freedom, your job, your property, and your family. You will lose the right to hold public office, to vote, and to own a gun. Chances are, you’ll have a difficult time finding suitable housing, whether leasing or obtaining a purchase mortgage. The majority of employers won’t consider hiring you, and colleges and universities may not accept you, and you won’t qualify for most scholarships. Once you have a drug conviction, society may be quick to exclude you from full participation, and you will be shunned in some circles.

Your Rights When Accused Of A Drug Crime

Drug charges can happen from being in the wrong place at the wrong time, a youthful indiscretion or error in judgment, or a turn down a dangerous path because of your life’s circumstances. Criminal defense attorney Steven Rodemer understands that a drug arrest does not mean you’re a hardened criminal, and he will treat you with the presumption of innocence that every accused person deserves and is entitled to by law. You have constitutional protections when accused of a crime, and when you hire Steve as your defense counsel, those rights will be protected, and every available defense will be raised.

An Innovative Approach To Creating The Best Outcome For You

Former prosecutor and legal rising star Steve Rodemer will conduct a careful investigation of the circumstances around your arrest and will determine if the police made an error that violated your constitutional rights at any point, which could cause the charges to be dismissed. He will look for any evidence of police error and seek out any potential alibi witnesses or others who can testify in your behalf to show that you could not have committed the crime. If mitigating circumstances exist, he’ll use them in your defense. If a plea bargain is in your best interest, Steve will negotiate for the best possible agreement for you, but he will never push you into a plea bargain for expedience or to avoid a trial if there is a realistic chance of acquittal. Steve takes an innovative approach in defending every client and will leave no stone unturned to identify the means of creating a reasonable doubt as to your guilt

Get A Colorado Springs Drug Lawyer On Your Side

Have you been questioned by police or led to believe you’re under investigation? Have you been arrested on a drug charge? In either case, you need an experienced, intelligent, and passionate defense lawyer now. Get Colorado Springs drug defense attorney Steven Rodemer on board immediately, without delay, to safeguard your future.

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