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One of the key reasons that individuals, employers, companies, and other parties carry insurance is that the high costs of injuries are covered in the event an accident happens. When you carry insurance and have been paying your premiums on time, you naturally expect that the insurance company will pay out your benefits in a timely manner as well. This is not always the case, and insurance companies have been known to delay or deny payments. When this denial is made with an unreasonable basis, it violates Colorado state law, and a bad faith attorney from Rodemer | Kane can help with your claim from start to finish. 

Bad Faith Defined 

Insurance bad faith happens when your insurance provider does not promptly and fairly pay out on a claim. When you make a claim with your insurance company, it is expected that the insurance company pays you the proper amount within a reasonable period of time. While this is the obligation of the insurance company, it doesn’t always happen this way, and the claim analysts and lawyers of insurance companies have been known to avoid payment, or try and reduce payment, on legitimate claims filed by covered injured persons. 

Examples of bath faith behaviors by insurance companies that could enable you to file a bad faith claim include:

  • Refusing to communicate, including refusal to answer calls, emails, or other messages
  • Denying a claim without any reasonable basis
  • Paying too low given the actual value of the claim
  • Misrepresenting the language of your policy 
  • Conducting an incomplete evaluation that lacks depth
  • Refusal to pay a legitimate business interruption legal claim 

When insurance companies engage in deceptive or unfair practices that result in improper delays, reductions, or denials of your claim, Colorado law protects you. 

Colorado Law 10-3-1115 Provides You with Protection

Your Colorado bad faith insurance lawsuit is a civil claim broken into two parts. The first element is when you as the insured party demands fair payment for the amount that you should have received under your policy. The second element of making a claim is adding an additional claim for the insurance company’s bad faith actions in their unreasonable denial or underpayment of your claim. 

When it comes time to file a claim for a bad faith insurance loss, reaching out to an experienced Colorado bad faith insurance attorney can be especially helpful. The experienced bad faith insurance claim lawyers from Rodemer | Kane has years of experience accurately calculating clients’ proper claims, then holding the insurance company accountable for the full amount owed. 

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