Author: Casey D. Kane

White-Collar Crime in Colorado: Strategies for Defending Against Fraud and Other Charges

White-collar crimes are typically related to finances and are non-violent in nature. Money laundering, extortion, and bank fraud are all examples of white-collar crimes. The penalties and challenges surrounding these types of crimes can be harsh, and persons charged or investigated for financial wrongdoing need experienced counsel they can depend […]

The Cost of Hiring a Cheap Defense Attorney in Colorado Springs

  Being charged with any criminal defense, whether DUI, domestic violence, or any other offense, is never planned and likely isn’t something you’ve been stashing money away for. Naturally, it’s tempting to search for “cheap criminal defense attorney in Colorado Springs,” or “cheapest DUI lawyer near me,” in hopes of finding […]

Understanding State and Federal Cyber Crime Laws

As computers and other electronic devices become an essential part of our daily lives, the number of crimes committed via computers has been steadily climbing. In response, Colorado and federal legislators are passing new laws designed to give law enforcement agencies and prosecutors greater abilities in responding to these crimes. […]