Facts About Domestic Violence in Colorado

Domestic violence is a nationwide problem that likewise impacts many individuals in the state of Colorado. According to the Colorado Attorney General in 2020 alone there were 63 deaths as a result of domestic violence. As clarified by the Legal Information Network of Colorado, the criminal law in the state provides a definition of domestic abuse and violence, which is abuse or aggression by someone who shares a relationship, lives with, or has been involved in an intimate relationship with the victim.

Given the severity of the issue, the laws in Colorado, and also the courts, take domestic violence seriously. This means that if you are facing charges with a domestic violence enhancement, you could face serious penalties and potentially the loss of important parental and other rights. Domestic violence charges can impact divorce or custody proceedings, and a Colorado Springs domestic violence lawyer from Rodemer | Kane. is standing by to review your situation. It is imperative that you understand your legal options if you are being accused of domestic violence.

Colorado Proactively Targets Domestic Violence and Supports Victims

To combat domestic violence, Colorado has established the Domestic Violence Program (DVP), which dedicates about $3 million in annual funding to community-based domestic violence advocacy programs. The purpose of these programs is to intervene, prevent, and also respond to instances of domestic violence. Reporting domestic violence to the authorities and associated organizations helps to jumpstart addressing the issue, and knowing when domestic violence is occuring requires an understanding of the different types.

There are Many Different Types of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence happens within the context of a familiar or romantic relationship, and can take on many forms, including:

  • Emotional abuse – emotional abuse happens in a variety of ways and can include criticism, humiliation, shaming, threatening, bullying, and other toxic behaviors
  • Physical abuse – includes instances of physical assault such as punching, slapping, kicking, pushing, or throwing objects or using weapons against a person
  • Sexual abuse – non-consequal sexual acts, or those in which consent cannot be given, are sexual abuse
  • Stalking and technological abuse – these behaviors are when the perpetrator harasses or follows the other person making them feel unsafe, whether in-person or through the use of texting or social media
  • Financial abuse – occurs when member of a partnership controls the other’s money or limits their ability to support themselves such as by stopping them from working

If you have been charged with any of the above, you could face serious penalties that are mandatory for the court to impose. Protective orders could be issued temporarily denying you access to property, and present custody rights can be impacted by protective orders before the charges are even adjudicated.

Connect with a Colorado Springs Domestic Violence Lawyer

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