DUI Classes in Colorado

Many people charged with a DUI are surprised to learn that as part of their sentence in the criminal side of the case, they have to undergo mandatory classes. Moreover, depending on an individual’s situation, they may be forced to undergo the same classes in order to receive or maintain their drivers license. Under Colorado law, an individual convicted of DUI faces five days to one year in the county jail, even for a first offense. However, Colorado law also always the mandatory five days jail to be waived if the defendant agrees to complete a drug/alcohol treatment program.

In an effort to avoid a one-size fits all approach, most individuals must complete an alcohol evaluation and follow the recommendations that the evaluator sets forth. For the most part, the Judge will simply adopt the recommendations and make that part of your sentence. Throughout the State, and especially in Colorado Springs, the recommendations of the evaluator will be based on the reported BAC, the defendant’s attitude/honesty at the evaluation, and the number of prior alcohol related offenses that the defendant has on their criminal history. The alcohol evaluation is normally completed through the probation department. That’s why it’s important If you’re facing DUI charges, seeking guidance from a seasoned Colorado Springs DUI lawyer can be essential in understanding your options and mounting an effective defense.

Generally speaking, an individual charged with a first offense DUI in Colorado will be forced to undergo level II alcohol education, and between 42 and 52 hours of therapy, depending on the factors I mentioned above. This is called track A and track B, respectively, on a second offense, level II and 68 hours of therapy (track C), and on a third offense, its generally level II and 86 hours of therapy (track D). Keep in mind that there is no hard and fast rule regarding the assignment of the various tracks, but generally speaking, the above holds true more often than not. As far as level II education is concerned, level II is simply 12 two-hour classes, geared toward educating the defendant, rather than correcting the behavior.

The cost of classes varies widely depending on the treatment provider; however, any treatment provider used must be approved through the state. Keep in mind that the classes are only one small part of a DUI conviction, so it’s important to seek competent legal representation if charged with a DUI in Colorado.


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