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About Firearm Rights and Domestic Violence Charges

The state of Colorado has adopted federal laws that disquality individuals from the purchase and possession of firearms if they are convicted of many domestic violence misdemeanor offenses. What this means for your right to possess firearms while charges are proceeding, and how any previously owned firearms must be treated […]

Facts About Domestic Violence in Colorado

Domestic violence is a nationwide problem that likewise impacts many individuals in the state of Colorado. According to the Colorado Attorney General in 2020 alone there were 63 deaths as a result of domestic violence. As clarified by the Legal Information Network of Colorado, the criminal law in the state provides a definition […]

About Colorado Mandatory Arrest Laws

Domestic violence is a crime that is treated seriously in Colorado, and is defined as an act of violence or the threat of an act of violence on an individual with whom the perpetrator has been involved in an intimate relationship. The requirements of police officers when they encounter situations of […]