4th of July Fireworks Safety

We Americans love fireworks! It is estimated that more than one billion dollars are spent on fireworks every year, in America. And what better way to show off your patriotism than those red, white and blue explosions filling the night sky. But as spectacular as a dazzling fireworks display can be, they can also be a huge liability for people due to the high probability of injury.

Over 12,900 people were treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms for fireworks-related injuries in 2017. Injuries can range anywhere from minor burns to more substantial medical concerns such as blindness or loss of an extremity. And in extreme cases, fireworks malfunctions can even lead to death.

When a fireworks injury occurs, there will often be a follow-up insurance claim or even a lawsuit. These lawsuits are most frequently for negligence, someone failing to implement a reasonable level of care to make sure all safety precautions were appropriately taken. For more information on possible negligence charges when dealing with fireworks injuries, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Colorado Springs lawyer near you, they will be able to give you the clarification you are looking for.


The easy answer to this one is don’t use fireworks. It’s the best way to make sure you stay safe and keep a mishap from occurring. However, if you do decide to use fireworks it is important to understand Colorado’s laws regarding the purchase and use of these explosive devices. For a more comprehensive explanation of what fireworks are legal in the state of Colorado click here.

If you plan to use fireworks at your own personal residence make sure your homeowners or renters insurance has a high enough liability limit, or get an umbrella policy, to cover yourself should an incident occur. This will protect you from financial liability in the long run.

If you are a company that puts on pyrotechnic displays, it is immensely important to make sure your insurance liability premiums are up to date. Other factors that would be investigated, should there be an injury would include:

  • Selection of venue: if it left spectators too close to the fireworks displays
  • Inadequate barrier usage or crowd control management
  • Failure to account for wind conditions and other potential hazards
  • Improper maintenance of fireworks launching equipment

The financial liability to cover medical costs for a fireworks injury can run as high as six figures in some cases, so make sure you have followed every safety protocol, to legally protect yourself and your company.


No one wants an injury to occur. To keep the probability of a fireworks accident from occurring always adhere to the following safety tips.

  • Always follow the directions on the fireworks package, and never modify or experiment with homemade fireworks.
  • Never let children use fireworks without adult supervision. Even seemingly harmless fireworks such as sparklers still burn at high temperatures and can cause severe burns if used improperly.
  • Only set off fireworks outdoors, away from houses and fire hazards such as tall grass, dry leaves, and other fireworks.
  • Do not try to reignite used or malfunctioning fireworks.
  • Keep a bucket of water nearby for emergency purposes, and soak any used or misfired fireworks before discarding to prevent fires or accidental ignitions.


If the unavoidable has occurred, and an accident and injury have taken place it is wise to immediately consult with a defense attorney skilled at dealing with fireworks injury cases. Multiple factors will need to be considered to determine fault and responsible party.

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