Understanding State and Federal Cyber Crime Laws

As computers and other electronic devices become an essential part of our daily lives, the number of crimes committed via computers has been steadily climbing. In response, Colorado and federal legislators are passing new laws designed to give law enforcement agencies and prosecutors greater abilities in responding to these crimes. […]

Our Firm in the Press

OUR FIRM GETS RESULTS, SEE US IN THE PRESS We handle many types of cases, and our firm has been in press extensively. We’ve handled cases which have received international media attention, and we’re frequently asked to comment on legal issues in the news. Our cases have received international media attention, as well as national media attention […]

4th of July Fireworks Safety

We Americans love fireworks! It is estimated that more than one billion dollars are spent on fireworks every year, in America. And what better way to show off your patriotism than those red, white and blue explosions filling the night sky. But as spectacular as a dazzling fireworks display can be, […]

Will Your Domestic Violence Case Be Dismissed if the Victim Doesn’t Come To Court?

No face, no case….not so fast. I’m routinely asked if someone facing domestic violence charges needs a defense attorney if the victim doesn’t want to, or isn’t going to come to court and testify. The answer is still yes, for a variety of reasons, which I’ll explain below. COLORADO IS A “NO […]