Juvenile Crime Lawyer Near Pueblo

Juvenile Crime Lawyer Near Pueblo

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Juvenile Crime Lawyer Near Pueblo

Juveniles do not process information or make decisions the same way adults do, and unfortunately, often make mistakes involving bad judgment calls. Sometimes these errors in judgment cross over from a mistake to a violation of the law. Because of this, the state of Colorado has a separate juvenile justice system for children of ages 10 to 17.

Colorado's juvenile justice system was designed to focus on rehabilitation and providing services and resources to juveniles to assist them in making better decisions in the future. Unfortunately, recent trends have shown juvenile offenders often end up in adult detention facilities, bypassing the opportunity for rehabilitation and sending them straight to the penal system. If you have a child facing criminal charges in Colorado, proper legal representation is critical in ensuring they receive proper rehabilitation and education opportunities while keeping them away from the adult system.

What is a Juvenile Crime in Pueblo?

The state of Colorado defines a juvenile crime, or juvenile delinquency, as a criminal act committed by a minor between the ages of 10 and 18. In fact, some types of misconduct are only considered criminal when committed by a minor or juvenile:

  • Possession of alcohol, tobacco, or marijuana

  • Truancy

  • Curfew Violations

Additionally, there are five classifications of Juvenile Offender Categorizations that can be assigned to juvenile offenders in the state of Colorado. These categories affect a variety of factors including sentencing, bail, and eligibility for probation or expungement of records. These adjudications can be used in a request to move a child from juvenile court to district court if they are facing class 1 or 2 felony charges:

  • Mandatory Sentence Juvenile Offender

  • Repeat Juvenile Offender

  • Violent Juvenile Offender

  • Aggravated Juvenile Offender

  • Habitual Juvenile Offender

Some drug-related offenses are automatically under the jurisdiction of county court instead of juvenile, regardless of the age of the accused. These cases are especially important to have proper legal representation, as the repercussions of a conviction can be severe for a minor:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Advertising or selling drug paraphernalia

  • Possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia

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What are Potential Penalties if My Child is Convicted of a Crime in Pueblo?

While penalties can range in seriousness and severity, most juvenile courts will prioritize rehabilitation over punishment for a first offense. Repeat offenses are not often granted that same leniency, however. Penalties can be imposed both legally and socially. Oftentimes, juvenile offenders find themselves removed from extracurricular activities, excluded from involvement in social activities, and even removed from school.



Community Service

Jail Time

Therapy or Rehabilitation

Placement in a Juvenile Detention Facility

Job Loss

Suspension or Expulsion From School

For more extreme cases, Colorado has a medium-security prison for violent offenders called Youthful Offender System, or YOS. Located in Pueblo, Colorado's Youthful Offender System is a detention facility for young adult and juvenile offenders who were between 14-19 years old when they committed their crime and were sentenced before their 21st birthday. Juveniles who are sent to YOS have been prosecuted and sentenced as adults and will have a permanent adult felony conviction on their record.

If your child is facing criminal charges in Colorado, it is critical that they receive proper representation in order to limit the impact or eliminate the possibility of a conviction. Our team understands the life-altering consequences of a juvenile conviction and has the experience working in juvenile court to help guide your family through the confusing and overwhelming process. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Steven and James where amazing. Our son was arrested and charged with a drug offence, a felony 1. He was looking at a mandtory 8 year minnium sentence. We where very scared and didn't know what to do. He was a drug addict, but he needed help. He wasn't a criminal and it was his first offence. I can't express how panicked we where when we called Steve. He calmed us down over the phone and brought us is for a meeting. Steve and James took all the time we needed and explained all the possible outcomes. Then explained what was most likely. James was very patient with us and was always accessible. It was such a relief to have someone on our side. In the end they got our son in a drug program and probation. He has been clean and sober for 6 months and planning for a very bright future. I think this is exactly what he needed. Steve and James have both contacted us multiple times to check up on our son and see how he's been doing. I think that shows that they really care. Thinking back to that first day we learned what he was charged with I am so thankful we called Steve. I just can't recommend them enough!!

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