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The Process Of Getting Colorado Domestic Violence Charges Dropped

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We've all seen it a few too many times. A partner, fueled by anger, resentment, jealousy, or other strong emotions can make false allegations of domestic violence resulting in an arrest and a charge of domestic violence. It's also common to see domestic violence charges in situations where the partners were simply arguing a little too loud. Either way, a domestic violence charge in Colorado is very serious and must be dealt with efficiently and professionally by the best Colorado Springs domestic violence lawyer for your particular case. If not, it could result in not only prison time, but other life-altering consequences. Therefore it is very important to obtain a domestic violence defense team or attorney to assist in the court proceedings. This will give the charged individual the best chance at pleading their case and having the charges dismissed. An experienced domestic violence attorney, like Steven Rodemer, will be able to collect evidence to refute any DV claims, as well as defend your character and rights in and out of court.

Understanding Domestic Violence Charges in Colorado

Domestic violence in Colorado is not an individual charge. It is considered an aggravator or a sentencing enhancement. Therefore a DV charge can be added to another charge like assault, and it will increase the punishment for any offense that is committed against a family member, spouse, or partner.

In Colorado, domestic violence is a mandatory arrest. This means that if the police have reasonable suspicion to believe that an individual has committed domestic violence, they must arrest that individual. There is no way around this arrest, as even victims cannot recant their statements or drop charges. Once domestic violence comes into play, the state takes over and charges the individual. This is put into place to that abusers cannot threaten or gaslight their victims into dropping domestic violence charges. The state will have to determine whether or not it is acceptable to charge the accused individual or to dismiss the case. Colorado has a domestic violence case dismissal rate of around 30%.

Colorado defines domestic violence as "an act of violence or threatened act of violence by a current or past intimate partner. An intimate partner is a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, or spouse. Domestic Violence includes crimes against people, pets, and/or property." Different types of domestic violence or abuse can include, but are not limited to:

  • Emotional abuse

  • Physical abuse

  • Sexual abuse

  • Financial abuse

  • Stalking

  • Technological abuse

Penalties For Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence is considered a charge enhancement in Colorado. Therefore the punishment depends on the original charge. If an individual slaps their spouse, they will be charged with assault as an act of domestic violence. If they slapped a neighbor or a random person, the charge would simply just be assault.

That being said, the judge will be the ultimate deciding factor. They can request that the defendant complete a treatment program, or even extend the protection order. In Colorado, a protection order can last up to a year if it is temporary, or it can be permanently placed depending upon what the judge sees fit in the individual circumstance.

When an individual receives their fourth DV conviction, they will be charged with a class 5 felony and required to:

  • Spend 1-3 years in prison

  • Pay a fine of up to $100,000

It's important to keep in mind that these charges will label the individual as a habitual domestic violence offender, and will be added to the initial charges that spurred the DV enhancement.

Domestic violence convictions do not only have legal consequences, but they can affect various aspects of the rest of the convicted offender's life such as:

  • Employment Opportunities

  • Furthering Education

  • Child Custody Rights

  • Ability to apply for housing or obtain housing loans

  • Being discharged from the military

  • Any professional licenses the individual has

  • Much much more

These penalties are not only serious, they are life-altering. That is why it is so important to get a head start on domestic violence enhancement charges by hiring a reputable criminal defense attorney to help work on getting charges dismissed. They know exactly what to do in domestic violence cases, and will use all evidence and testimonies to favor the defendant, instead of the alleged victim.

Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys Near You

You could be depriving yourself of your freedom and potentially suffering lifelong consequences if you handle a criminal charge on your own or hire a lawyer without extensive experience and a solid track record. Hiring a cheap attorney could cost you years of your life, as well as a lot of damage to your future. In the event that you have been charged with a crime with a domestic violence enhancement, it is crucial to choose a skilled criminal lawyer.

Steven Rodemer is an experienced criminal defense attorney with a knowledgeable and dedicated team of attorneys. Not only will we fight for your rights, but we will also help gather evidence, submit all necessary paperwork on time, and constantly communicate with you to keep you up to speed on what is happening with your case. We know how serious the consequences of domestic violence charges can be, especially when you are accused of false pretenses.

We are located in Colorado Springs and Monument, and our Southern Colorado defense attorneys have been serving clients from Pueblo to Denver for many years. We are available to take phone calls 24/7. When you choose The Law Offices of Steven T. Rodemer LLC, help is never far away.

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